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CKD7F diesel locomotive

CKD7F Diesel Locomotive

CKD7F Diesel Locomotive

CKD7F diesel locomotive is a meter-gauged AC-DC diesel-electric locomotive dedicatedly designed for Vietnam National Railways, which is applicable for trunk line passenger and freight transportation services. This locomotive is equipped with US-made Caterpillar 3512B electric control diesel engine, JF217B synchronous generator and ZQDR-310 traction motors.

Application :  Mainline passenger/freight transportation
Gauge:  1000mm
Axle arrangement:  Co—Co
Wheel diameter:  1000mm
Axle load :  13.5t
Service weight:  81t
Min. negotiable curve radius:  70m
Max. Speed:  120km/h
Continuous speed :  14.7km/h
Starting tractive effort:  250kN
Continuous tractive effort;  200kN
Overall dimensions L×W×H:  16892mm×2900mm×3900mm
Fuel capacity :  3500L
Oil capacity :  318kg
Water e capacity :  600kg
Sand capacity :  400kg
Wheel base :  2×1.65m
Diesel engine:  CAT3512B
Main generator:  JF217B
Traction motor:  ZQDR-310


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