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GKD1A Diesel Electric Locomotive

GKD1A diesel-electric locomotive

GKD1A diesel-electric locomotive

GKD1A diesel-electric locomotive is a amall type switcher specially manuactured and used on railway station and depot, factory district, mining area, harbor and oil field. It is noted for its excellent performance, advanced technology and reliable operation.

The distinguished features of this type of locomotive are as follows:

6240ZJD, a medium speed diesel engine is used as the power unit for this locomotive, it is of high reliability and good economy.

AC-DC transmission ensures an efficient transmission, excellent atarting and accelerating performance, quick reverse gearing and agile operation.

Two-axle bogies allow the GKD1A locomotive to easily negotiate a curve of 70m radius and accordingly to be suitable for rail tracks with many such sharp curves.

Main Technical specifications of GKD1A Locomotive

Model: GKD1A
Application: Shunting and tansfer
Track gauge: 1435mm
Vehicle gauge: GB146.1-83(vehicle limit-1A,1B)
Transmission: AC-DC electric transmission
Axle arrangement: B0-B0
Wheel diameter: 1050mm
Axle load: 23±3%t(25±3%t)
Total Weight: 92±3%t(100±3%t)
Min.negotiable curve radius: 70m
Max.speed: 80km/h
Continuous speed: 12.6km/h
Starting traction force: 310kN
Continuous traction force: 212kN
Diesel engine: 6240ZJD
Max.service power for lovomotive: 1100kW
Fuel consumption rate: 207+3%g/kW•h
Main alternator: TQFR-1000
Silicon rectifier: GTF-1800/980
Traction motor: ZQDR-410
Type of couple: TB1994-1996
Bogie wheel base: 2800mm
Overall dimension: 16700×3200×4655mm

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