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Blue Tiger locomotives designed by Adtranz in Germany

Blue Tiger in Vacha, Germany

Blue Tiger in Vacha, Germany

Blue Tiger locomotive designed by Adtranz in Germany

Blue Tiger locomotive designed by Adtranz in Germany

Blue Tiger Class 26 Diesel Electric mainline locomotives for Malaysia - KTM

Blue Tiger Class 26 Diesel Electric mainline locomotives for Malaysia - KTM

The Blue Tiger (manufacturer designation: DE-AC33C) is a type of high powered diesel-electric locomotive developed by AdTranz in association with General Electric.

History and design

Initially the axle load was expected to be a light 18tonnes, and the power at ~2500kW. In practice the German locomotives had an axle load of 21t; normal for this type of diesel locomotive.

General Electric supplied the diesel engines, and electrical tranmission system – which utilised IGBT based inverters driving ‘AC’ motors. The rest of the locomotive was built by AdTranz in Kassel

For the Pakistani export models a 16 cylinder engine was used.

Bombardier took over AdTranz in 2001, subsequently the Blue Tiger locomotive was shown at InnoTrans in 2002 with a view to European orders. The German production models had a mass of 126t (axle load 21t) and an engine power of 2,430 kW.

As of 2009 the class are no longer listed a production models by Bombardier, GE lists also lists the family as former production types. For the european market Bomabardier produces the less powerful diesel variants of the TRAXX family, whilst GE offers variants of its Evolution series for export.

The prototype was unveiled in 1996.

The first orders for the locomotives came from Pakistan in the late 1990s. The locomotives were being built to a gauge of 1,676 mm (5 ft 6 in) and powered by a 16 cylinder engine of 3,300 horsepower (2,500 kW) instead of the 12 cylinder engine used in the prototype and other production models. The first ten were shipped out, the remainder assembled under license in Pakistan.

Malaysia – KTM class 26
20 locomotives were built to 1,000 mm (3 ft 3+3/8 in) gauge in 2003-2004 for KTM. They were designated as “Class 26″ (Numbers: 26101 – 26120). Model Blue Tiger manufactured by Adtranz in Germany in association with GE.

All the locomotives were named after places in Malaysia. The locomotives proved reliable in service compared to the Malaysian Class 29 locomotives bought at around the same time.

Railroad number and names:
26101 Tanjung Aru
26102 Tanjung Bidara
26103 Tanjung Dumpil
26104 Tanjung Dungun
26105 Tanjung Gelang
26106 Tanjung Jara
26107 Tanjung Karang
26108 Tanjung Kupang
26109 Tanjung Pelepas
26110 Tanjung Penawar
26111 Tanjung Piai
26112 Tanjung Piandang
26113 Tanjung Puteri
26114 Tanjung Ramunia
26115 Tanjung Rhu
26116 Tanjung Selatai
26117 Tanjung Sepat
26118 Tanjung Tohor
26119 Tanjung Tualang
26120 Tanjung Tuan

26 Class Blue Tuger Technical Date:
Technical Data Locomotive Type : DE – AC 33 C
Engine Type : GE 7FDL12
Cylinders : 12, 45-degree V arrangement
Bore : 228.6mm (9in)
Stroke : 266.7mm (10.5in)
Compression Ratio : 15.7 to 1
Traction Type : Diesel Electric AC/AC
Traction Motor : 5GEB24
Tractive Effort : Continuous – N/A, Maximum – 102500lbs / 456kN
Gear Ratio : 1:4.722 (18:85 cogs)
Control Voltage : N/A
Braking System(s) : vacuum, air dual-pipe, dynamic
Weight : 120 tons
Axle Load : 20 tons max, 18.85 tons min
Loco Power Rating : 3300hp (nominal), 3100hp (site)
Maximum Speed : 120kph (fully worn wheels)
Gauge : 1000mm (metre)
Wheel Arrangement : CO-CO
Wheel Diameter : 965mm max, 890mm min
Length Over Buffers : 22000mm
Fuel Capacity : 5500 litres
Sandbox Capacity : 240 litres (3 X 80l)

20 Class 29 Diesel Electric mainline locomotives (manufacturer designation: CKD8E) (29101 -29120), manufactured by DLoco Locomotive and Rolling Stock Co., Dalian, China. Brought in in 2005 – 2006.

10 Locomotives were built to 1,435 mm (4 ft 8+1/2 in) gauge with a view to leasing or orders (Numbers: 250 001 to 250 011).

Blue Tiger Technical Data:

Power type: Diesel
Designer: Adtranz / GEC
Serial number Pakistan: ? to 6004 to ?
Malaysia: 26101 to 26120
Germany: 250 001 to 250 011
Build date: 1996-2004
Total production Pakistan: 30
Malaysia: 20
Germany: 11
Total: 61
UIC classification: Co’Co’
Gauge Pakistan: 1676mm
Malaysia: 1000mm
Germany: 1435mm
Length Pakistan:
Axle load Pakistan:
Locomotive weight Pakistan:
Fuel capacity Pakistan:
Malaysia:5500 L
Germany:6000 L
Engine type Pakistan:FDL 16
Malaysia/Germany:General Electric 7FDL12
Top speed 120km/h
Power output German models: 2460 kW
Tractive effort starting: 517 kN


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