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CKD6E Diesel Locomotive

CKD6E diesel locomotive

CKD6E diesel locomotive

CKD6E diesel locomotive is an AC-DC diesel-electric shunting locomotive, dedicatedly designed for Turkmenistan National Railways. The locomotive is equipped with 6240ZJB diesel engine, TFQR-3000 main generator and ZQDR-410 traction motors with service power of 990kW 1,350HP, Co-Co axle arrangement, axle weight of 22 ton and the highest speed of 80km/h. This locomotive adopts the latest technologies such as micro computer controlling system and so on.

Application:  Shunting and transfer operation services
Operation conditions:  Ambient temperature : -40~ + 50°C
Altitude:  30-1600m
Relative humidity:  20 %~100 %
Gauge:  1520mm
Clearance :  In accordance with 1T  TOCT9238-83
Engine rated power  UIC conditions:  1100kW 1500hp
Locomotive service power:  990kW 1350hp
Axle arrangement:  Co-Co
Wheel diameter:  1050mm
Wheel width:  140
Axle load:  22 ± 0.44t
Locomotive service weight:  132 ± 3.96t
Fuel capacity:  6200L
Oil capacity:  1000 kg
Water capacity :  1000 kg
Min. negotiable curve radius:  80m refers to an individual curve not continuous curves,   negotiable at speed ≤ 5km/h
Wheel base:  1800+1800mm
Total bogie wheel base:  3600mm


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