SIRIO系列100%低地板现代有轨电车 配置TramWave地面供电系统 实现非架空接触网供电模式

CBTC based ATC for Shenyang Metro Line 1

Shenyang Metro Line 1

Shenyang Metro Line 1

Project Overview

Union Switch & Signal Inc. (US&S®) has been awarded a contract to design and build a Communications Based Train Control (CBTC) system for the Shenyang Subway Line 1 and extension line. The CBTC system will provide the highest levels of operational performance, availability, efficiency, and safety.
The mainline length of Line 1 – Phase 1 and extension line of the Shenyang subway is 28.0 km, with 22 mainline stations, one depot, a test track, and an Operations Control Center (OCC). Line 1 will stretch from the westernmost Shisanhaojie Station to the easternmost Limingwenhuagong Station. Each of the 23 trains provided initially will have 6 cars.

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