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CKD0 Diesel-electric Locomotive (Exported to Turkey)

CKD0 Diesel-electric Locomotive (Exported to Turkey in 2006)

CKD0 Diesel-electric Locomotive (Exported to Turkey in 2006)

CKD0 diesel electric locomotive designed and manufactured by CNR Dalian Locomotive and Rolling Stock Company Limited was exported to Turkey in October 2006. The locomotive equipped with AC-DC transmission is used for railway shunting of standard gauge. The design and manufacture of locomotive adopts modularization technology. It has the future of low power, great traction force, high brake efficiency, high negotiable curve capability and high reliability, etc. It can adapt manufacture and mining enterprises especially steel company requirements for railway transportation busywork of low speed and high tractive force. The locomotive equipped with CAT3412E type diesel engine with 580kw service power.

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