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CKD8D Diesel-electric Locomotive (Exported to Pakistan)

CKD8D Diesel-electric Locomotive (Exported to Pakistan in 2003)

CKD8D Diesel-electric Locomotive (Exported to Pakistan in 2003)

CKD8D diesel electric locomotive designed and manufactured by CNR Dalian Locomotive and Rolling Stock Company Limited in 2003, which equipped with AC-DC main transmission, AC auxiliary transmission, and specially designed for Pakistan railway of wide gauge is used for hauling passenger and freight transportation on main line. There are two cabs and inside corridors in the locomotive body. The locomotive is of A-1-A axle arrangement, and the maximum service speed is 125km/h. The engine serviced in this locomotive is of 12V240ZJD type with worldly advanced level, the maximum service power of the engine is 1840kw.

Main Technical Specifications

Model: CDK8D
Application: Passenger and freight trains on main line
Track gauge: 1676mm
Vehicle gauge: conform to Pakistan vehicle gauge limit
AC-DC electric transmission
Axle arrangement: A-1-A
Wheel diameter: 1092mm
Axle load: 19.3t
Total weight: 115.8t
Min. negotiable curve radius: 170m
Max. Speed: 125km/h
Continuous speed: 29.7km/h
Starting traction force: 235.15kN
Continuous traction force: 169kN
Diesel engine: 12V240ZJD3
Max. Service power: 1840kw
Main alternator: TQFR-3000M
Traction motor: ZD109BP
Bogie wheel base: 13840 mm
Overall dimension: 16560*3064*3950 mm

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