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NZR DL class Locomotives for KiwiRail (CKD9B)

NZR DL Class (DL 9043) KiwiRail -- CKD9B

NZR DL Class (DL 9043) KiwiRail -- CKD9B

The NZR DL class designed by CNR Dalian Locomotive and Rolling Stock Company Limited is a class of diesel-electric locomotives under construction for KiwiRail. Once commissioned, they will be the most powerful diesel-electric locomotives in service in New Zealand. It was previously reported that the class was to be known as the DK class, however KiwiRail have since reclassed it DL, after the builder of the locomotives, Dalian Locomotive and Rolling Stock. The first locomotive will be numbered DL 9008. They are expected to enter service from late 2010 or early 2011. They will be the first new locomotives to enter service on the New Zealand railway network in more than 20 years.

In March 2009, the government announced that it had authorised KiwiRail to invest $75m in the purchase of 20 new locomotives. The locomotives are to be built in China by Dalian Locomotive and Rolling Stock (CNR Group) and imported ready-assembled. It was explained that the decision to import the locomotives, rather than build them locally as had been investigated by the previous government, was made primarily for two reasons: cost and time-to-service.

The locomotives will be delivered in two batches, with the first arriving in November 2010, and the remainder in early 2011.

First batch (6)
* Mount Maunganui-Mission Bush export steel
* Mount Maunganui-Huntly Genesis coal
* Mount Maunganui-Te Rapa general freight
* Mount Maunganui-Westfield general freight
* Mount Maunagnui-Murupara forestry

Second batch (14)
* Mount Maunganui-Kinleith forestry
* Huntly-Mission Bush coal
* Mount Maunganui-Auckland Metroport
* Palmerston North-Wellington general freight
* Palmerston North-Whareroa milk

These proposed allocations are correct as at April 1, 2010.

TMS No.:
DL 9008
DL 9014
DL 9020
DL 9037
DL 9043
DL 9066
DL 9072
DL 9089
DL 9095
DL 9106
DL 9112
DL 9129
DL 9135
DL 9141
DL 9158
DL 9164
DL 9170
DL 9187
DL 9193
DL 9204

The locomotives will be deployed into freight service, on services currently hauled by two locomotives and/or on services where having a double cab locomotive is particularly beneficial to operations.

The introduction of the DL class locomotives will enable the reallocation of some DFT class locomotives for Auckland suburban passenger services.

Main Technical Specifications (NZR DL class)
Power type: Diesel
Dalian Locomotive and Rolling Stock Co.,LTD.(CNR Group)
Pacific Power Development (NZ) Ltd (agent)
Order number: 20
Model: CKD-9B
Build date: 2009–2010
UIC classification: Co-Co
Gauge: 3 ft 6 in (1,067 mm)
18.5 metres (61 ft) over drawgear
18.12 metres (59.4 ft) over body
Axle load: 18 tonnes (18 LT; 20 ST)
Weight: 108 tonnes (106 LT; 119 ST)
Prime mover: MTU 20V 4000R43
Alternator: Yongji Electric Machine Factory JF205 Series
Traction motors: Yongji Electric Machine Factory ZD126C
Power output: 2,700 kilowatts (3,600 hp)
Locomotive brakes: Wabtec 26L Pneumatic Air Brake
Class: DL
November 2010 (1st batch)
Early 2011 (2nd batch)
Current owner: KiwiRail

Photo by: Zac

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